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February 26, 2020

Shot of the Race: Dubai 24 Hours

The Autodrome Dubai is not the easiest circuit to get pretty shots from and when you first visit, you’re left wondering how you are going to get any nice shots at all. However, part of photographing a race is to show the unique elements of the circuit you are visiting, and this circuit has plenty of those. Aside from the part-finished buildings, the expanses of tarmac, the cranes, the sandstorms and camels, the most impressive thing about the circuit is the sky scrapers 15km in the distance. In seven years of covering this race, I’ve learned that you rarely get a clear shot of downtown Dubai from the circuit. There is almost always a haze that sometimes even hides the skyline completely. However, for a short time on Saturday morning that haze wasn’t too bad and the ‘de-hazing’ tool in Adobe Lightroom helped the reduce it further.


Gary Parravani / www.xynamic.com Nikon D500, Sigma 120-300mm 2.8 1/1000 sec F10

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Gary Parravani

Gary Parravani is Racing.GT's chief photographer and website manager. The big boss of Xynamic Automotive Photography. Gary originally founded Racing.GT with Chris Partridge in 2013.