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February 21, 2020

Shot of the Race: Gulf 12 Hours

The Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi is one of my favourites. Its hard not to get a pretty angle at this place. To make things even more interesting, at the Gulf 12 you get six hours in the daylight to shoot it, and then six hours in the dark to do it all over again.

I had a particular shot in mind, but it had to be done at an exact time in order to catch the yellow sky from the edge of the very small, very quick sunset. Initially I didn’t think it was possible because all the sessions are either in daylight or dark, with nothing during sun down or sun rise. But after careful study of the timetable and the time and position of the sun going down, I realised that the moment the cars leave the pits for the grid was the perfect time.

Shooting in manual to underexpose the car, I managed to get the exact silhouette I wanted!

Gary Parravani / www.xynamic.com Nikon D800, Sigma 120-300mm 2.8 with 1.4 x TC, 1/1000 sec F4

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Gary Parravani

Gary Parravani is Racing.GT's chief photographer and website manager. The big boss of Xynamic Automotive Photography. Gary originally founded Racing.GT with Chris Partridge in 2013.