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February 26, 2020

Racing Rivals: Jaap van Lagen vs Sean Edwards

Racing Rivals: Jaap van Lagen vs Sean Edwards
Photo Credit To Gary Parravani/ Xynamic

In our second installment of Racing Rivals, Porsche ace Jaap van Lagen recalls his battles with the late Sean Edwards, who was destined for superstardom before his tragic death while instructing in 2013.

I had a very nice fight with Sean Edwards many times in the Porsche Carrera Cup and Porsche Supercup. In 2010 I did the whole season, I finished fourth in the championship and I was in the top five nearly every race, so I was always having battles with him. It was always a hard fight, but he was a really nice guy and I had a good friendship with him.

Maybe the best one was on the Nurburgring in 2012. I was in front of him in second place, he was third, but my car wasn’t really fast enough. Nearly the whole race he was behind me, and he tried to overtake me everywhere it was possible, I closed the door every time and the last corner before the finish he pushed me, we both went wide and Nicki Thiim took second.

Sean was super quick and sometimes when he had trouble with the car in qualifying he would come through from the back of the grid and still finish on the podium. Everybody liked him – sometimes you get rivals who don’t really like each other, but he was friends with everybody, a really nice guy.

It’s amazing that he never won a championship, he won so many races and he was leading in the Supercup when he died before the last event of the season. It was unbelievable. I heard before he died that he was in contact with Porsche, so I’m nearly 100% sure if he was still alive that he would now be a Porsche factory driver.

Together with Jeroen Bleekemolen they won everything, they were very close friends. The other week I was with Jeroen going over to America and we were talking about Sean. In 2013 together with Sean and Bernd Schneider, they won everything, and it looked like it was normal – but in Dubai last year Jeroen was out, this year he was out, 24h Nürburgring he was out. At the moment, everything is going wrong! Winning Dubai and Nürburgring in the same year is not normal – it’s something very special and Sean was a very special driver.

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