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February 26, 2020

Racer 2 Racer: Richard vs Andrew

Racer 2 Racer: Richard vs Andrew

In the fifth instalment of our series for Racing.GT we get British GT driver Richard Abra to interview fellow Aston Martin driver Andrew Howard.

Richard: OK first things first – Can I have all your setup data?
Andrew: No problem, but apologies if I get the numbers the wrong way around, never been good at the technical stuff.

Richard: Tell me something interesting about Ice Cream and what is your favourite flavour?
Andrew: A.D. 618-907: The origins of ice cream date back to China’s T’ang. The founder of the dynasty, King T’ang of Shang, (made up name !!) kept 94 “ice men” on hand to lug ice to the palace to make his version of a 99.
And we still use the same methods today …..(joke). Loseley Treacle Toffee – we make this product to compete with Hagan Daz.

Richard: How did you get into Motorsport and why?
Andrew: Had to sell my Honda Fireblade so bought a Mini Miglia ( thanks to Ian Gunn ). Boy those cars we small and fast

Richard: Money no object what and where would you race?
Andrew: Easy – Aston Martin GTE – Pro Am, Le Mans (ELMS or WEC)

Richard: We all know Motorsport is full of the highest highs and LOWEST lows. What are your highest and lowest moments in Motorsport?
Andrew: High – 2007, wrecked a Ferrari on Saturday, team spent next 24 hours and 4 miles of tank tape to rebuild, went out and finished 2nd. Always remember its about the team work. Lows – the brutality and cruelty of motor racing. Allan at Le Mans, Paul Ricard – Lamborghini, Steve Bell – 2001 – Rest in peace.

Richard: Fair to say you are one of the fastest Gent drivers out there, who is your biggest rival in British GT and who has most impressed you this year in British GT?
Andrew: From an improvement point of view Steve Tandy, from a new comer point of view Mark Poole but the standard is by far the highest its been since I joined the championship in 2006.

Richard: Racing in both British GT and Blancpain, how would you compare the two championships?
Andrew: Both Championships are great but Blancpain has turned into a bit of a lottery with so many cars on the grid. Racing needs to be based on your skill as a drive and some luck (good or bad), in Blancpain it’s the other way around. BGT has great grids, close racing and more skill than luck.

Richard: The Aston GT3 is clearly a very capable and fast car, why do you think it has been so strong?
Andrew: The car is less than 24 months old, any new car should be at the front in terms of development and driver aids. The Aston GT3 delivers both

Richard: Who is your all time racing hero?
Andrew: From a true grit perspective – Nigel Mansell but for an overall racing hero then the Aston Martin DBR9 (I know its not a person but the noise at it went down the start finish straight at Le Mans, ?wow – all time best car)

180 Richard Abra Barwell Aston Martin Vantage GT3

You can follow Richard and Andrew on twitter: @Richard_Abra @BeechdeanAH

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