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February 26, 2020

Reed: Lanan’s only target is GT4 title

Reed: Lanan’s only target is GT4 title
Photo Credit To Gary Parravani/www.Xynamic.com

Lanan Racing’s Alex Reed says only the GT4 title will suffice in his second year of the British GT championship.

After a late pre-season switch from Porsche to Ginetta which left series newcomers Lanan playing catch-up, 18-year-old Reed and Joey Foster became regular front-runners by mid-season and finished sixth in the standings, winning once at Spa.

Reed will be joined this year by Ginetta GT4 Supercup graduate David Pittard and told Racing.GT he was confident of their prospects.

“My only goal for this year is to win the championship. I don’t think there’s anything I can do to top last year, except win the championship, so that’s the absolute number one goal for this year,” he said.

“It was disappointing that we didn’t get to drive the Porsche, but at the time our only thought was that we wanted to get on the grid and get on with it. The only reason why we didn’t go with a Ginetta in the first place was reliability issues, but once we sorted the car out and got used to it, everything was fine.

“At the start of the year at Brands, I was terrible, that was probably the worst race weekend of my life, but that was only because we hadn’t done any testing before. It was quite hectic, not knowing what was going to happen, but the massive change this year is that we’ve got loads of testing lined up, so hopefully we’ll start the year much stronger.”

25-year-old Pittard has only raced sporadically since finishing runner-up in the 2014 GT4 Supercup, but Reed expects his new team-mate’s familiarity with the car to be a huge asset to the team.

“David is an experienced driver in the Ginettas, so he already knows his way around it and he’s going to be just as fast as Joey was at the end of the season,” he continued. “I’m going to have to be on his pace all year and maybe even faster, I don’t want to be left behind by him.

“I just want to be the best I can at every round. Winning any races this year would be great, but it doesn’t matter whether we win races or not, so long as we win the championship.”

The GT4 class appears set for another strong entry in 2017, with Lanan one of four squads confirmed to run a Ginetta, including reigning champions Optmimum Motorsport and their proven driver line-up of Mike Robinson and Graham Johnson.

Reed hopes that a range of updates from Ginetta– including a 33 BHP hike, electronic traction control and ABS – will help keep the G55 GT4 at the front of the pack, although he is wary of the challenge posed by McLaren, which is set for a much larger presence on the grid after a successful first year in 2016.

Tolman Motorsport and track-club have already been confirmed to run the 570S GT4, with Garage 59 and In2Racing expected to announce respective two-car entries in the coming weeks.

“I think the championship this year will be between Ginetta and McLaren, currently there’s two announced but there will certainly be at least three or four, so there’s quite a few around already,” Reed added.

“The only reason we won Spa last year was because the McLaren didn’t finish and I think this year with there being more than one McLaren, it’s unlikely we’ll be winning Spa again.

“The grid is going to be pretty close. Modifications wise, the car won’t be so different, but it will be good enough to be up there and compete with the McLaren, that’s the important thing.”

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