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April 09, 2020

Maxime Soulet’s Misano Blog: Fortune Favours the Bold

Maxime Soulet’s Misano Blog: Fortune Favours the Bold
Photo Credit To Gary Parravani/ Xynamic

Following the opening race of the Blancpain Sprint Cup at Misano, Lauren Vanthoor suggested on Twitter that a motor race shouldn’t be won due to a Full Course Yellow. But Bentley Boy Maxime Soulet thinks it’s all par for the course…

Despite what many believe, motor racing isn’t just about the driver – the fastest man on track isn’t always the one who deserves to win the race. It might feel like you are out there battling on your own but you are just a small part of a team that is trying to get that car across the line first.

The longer the race, the more important each member of the team other than the driver becomes – more pitstops, more strategy and, whether you like it or not, more luck – but this doesn’t mean you can’t use these to your advantage in a one-hour sprint race, too.

At the weekend, Andy Soucek and I won the opening race of the Blancpain Sprint Series. It was one of those races where all the elements came together – great driving by Andy and myself, fantastic strategy from the team at Bentley Team M-Sport and a hand of luck from a well-timed full-course yellow.

_D8X7072_originalWe controlled as many elements in that race as we could. We took a tyre gamble that could have gone either way and we responded with a strong strategy as the shape of the race dramatically changed – we put ourselves in a good position and perhaps there is some truth in the saying ‘fortune favours the bold’.

The following day, in the main race, I was in third place and, although I doubt we could have got a podium as we lacked the pace of the Audis, I think a top-five points haul was realistic.

However, we were hit from a car behind and sent spinning. It was a case of the ‘wrong place at the wrong time’. Luck went the other way for us.

When luck is against you, it’s natural to feel that it’s unfair. But, it’s just life. Sometimes things go your way sometimes they don’t. The mark of a sportsman is how they handle both.

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