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August 22, 2019

Laurens Vanthoor’s Misano Blog: It’s Just Not Cricket…

Laurens Vanthoor’s Misano Blog: It’s Just Not Cricket…
Photo Credit To Gary Parravani/ Xynamic

Sometimes 140 characters just doesn’t seem enough to get your opinion across, so Laurens Vanthoor expands on Saturday’s Tweet about the Blancpain Sprint Cup’s Full Course Yellow pit stop rules.

I like racing to be a spectacle, to have drama and strategy but, first and foremost, I think the team with the best package should win the race. Victory should not be decided from an unfair advantage gifted by regulations that could easily be changed.

Saturday’s race was a perfect example of how the regulations disrupted what was playing out as a fair and exciting race. Due to pitting under the full course yellow (FCY), two of the teams were able to gain a 40-second lead over the rest of the pack and go on to take first and second place.

_D8X6150Now, I’m not saying that the Bentley or the BMW didn’t have the full package to win the race, but I am saying that we’ll never know who should have won and that, to me, is not sport. It’s not how motor racing should be decided.

The element of luck is always going to play a role in sport but it should not be so crucial, especially when it doesn’t need to be.

SRO does a fantastic job of creating exciting racing and they always strive to make fair judgements in difficult situations, so this isn’t a criticism of them. In fact, they have been very open to listening to suggestions and adapting the rules.

In this case, my suggestion is that we reduce the advantages made as a result of luck by closing the pit window during a FCY and stopping the pit-window clock. It’s a sprint race so no one will be low on fuel or desperate for tyres. We simply circulate until the FCY is lifted and the pit lane opens for the remainder of the pit-window.

Can we stop luck playing a role in racing? No. Should we create racing that is as fair as possible for everyone? Yes.

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Laurens Vanthoor

In just a few short years, Laurens Vanthoor has developed into one of Audi Sport's most trusted lieutenants, and has won almost everything there is to win in GTs, from the Blancpain Endurance and GT Series in 2014 to the 24 hour classics at the Nurburgring and Spa.