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March 29, 2020

McLaren 570S GT4: a game-changer in GT4?

McLaren 570S GT4: a game-changer in GT4?
Photo Credit To Gary Parravani/ Xynamic

McLaren GT look to have commenced an arms race in GT4 after unveiling the new 570S GT4 at a chilly Snetterton.

The car will be entered in British GT and run by the experienced Ecurie Ecosse outfit, which will also run a McLaren 650S GT3 for Alasdair McCaig and Rob Bell. It will be the sixth different constructor to enter GT4 in the UK, alongside Porsche, Ginetta, Aston Martin, Lotus and Maserati.

Speaking to Racing.GT, McLaren GT managing director Andrew Kirkaldy was cautious to make any predictions about the 570S’ competitiveness, having yet to announce drivers and completed only limited running in full-race spec, but appeared quietly confident that the car will prove commercially successful.

_D8X9491“We would have always liked to be in GT4, but we never had a car or model that would get anywhere near the right price,” Kirkaldy said. “We needed to get around the £150,000 mark in order to be anywhere near the correct market and the 570S gave us that opportunity. The GT4 car is less than half the price of the GT3, so it’s pretty incredible for what you get for the money.

“It’s a little bit like where GT3 used to be, it’s fairly basic in terms of what you’re allowed and it’s all new for us, but clearly the physics of the car mean it should be quite good. The engine is in the right place, it’s nice and low and has a carbon chassis and all that stuff. Clearly it looks quite mean at the front because it’s got a front centre radiator which needed for cooling, but whether it will be a game-changer is difficult to say. I think in the coming year there’s going to be quite a few new cars coming into GT4, so it’s going to be interesting to see how it all pans out.

“I see quite a big market for the car to be honest, I think it would be quite a broad spectrum of people. We’ll be looking at people who are fairly serious about their track days and people who love their McLarens; there are a lot of people out there who have road cars which they’d love to have a dedicated track variant of.”

Kirkaldy has no plans to race the 570S outside Britain for the time being, but hopes to attract customers from across the world before too long.

“At the minute British GT is the only thing we’ve committed to, but we would like to see it go other places,” he said. “I would like to go a bit further afield with it; America is an important market for us and I’d like to see the car race there but whether that’s sooner or later I don’t know. Asia is clearly a market too, let’s see how it progresses.”

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