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February 20, 2020

My Racing Bucketlist: Abbie Eaton

My Racing Bucketlist: Abbie Eaton

In the first of a new series, we asked British GT4 racer Abbie Eaton what’s on her motorsport bucket list.

With my sensible hat on, I’d have to say the Le Mans 24 Hours – if you’re on the GT route then that’s obviously where you want to end up. It’s a completely different style of racing than what I’m used to having mostly done sprints so far, but if money was no object and I could do whatever I wanted, then it would have to be V8 Supercars. They’re absolutely brilliant, you can’t help but be gripped by it when it’s on telly, they’re so close, running bumper-to-bumper and that’s the kind of racing I like. Rubbin’s racing!

Motors TV are always showing different things and I just started watching it, because I really like the combative nature of sprint racing. They look so much fun to drive, you can really chuck them about, a bit like a huge go-kart. It looks a lot of fun and really gets the adrenaline pumping. I’ve never been down there to watch, but it’s definitely something I’d like to tick off my bucket list.

I was watching the Bathurst 12 Hour the other week and as soon I turned it on mid-way through, I saw Benny Simonsen spinning around, which absolutely cracked me up. He’s an extremely good driver and it just proved that Bathurst isn’t a place to be messed with, you have to respect it. I’d love to do that one day, it would be a brilliant opportunity.

I did see an article not that long ago that V8 Supercars were looking to get a manufacturer-backed female driver in, which is brilliant, but it needs to be the right girls in the car. You see it all the time where girls are being put forward with family money or that are being backed due to family relationships but none have the right mentality to succeed, so it would be good to see a motivated and passionate female driver get that opportunity and I would be watching very keenly if they did – even more so if it was me!

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