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September 25, 2018

Eunoia Fine Art “Beautiful Thinking” to Sponsor Endurance Racing Series

Eunoia Fine Art “Beautiful Thinking” to Sponsor Endurance Racing Series

Eunoia Fine Art ” Beautiful Thinking” has agreed a new sponsorship deal with Endurance Racing Series for the coming season.

As well as a presence on the competing cars, Eunoia founder and consultant John Cheadle will also be utilising the hospitality area at the race meetings to display selected fine art and to discuss sales and commissions with any interested parties.

“Eunoia is a new, high end consultancy which sees the potential in mixing the pleasure of racing with the pleasure of art.” noted Endurance Racing Series Director David Hornsey, “John has a long history with professional motorsport and his passion for fine art compliments wonderfully with the flair involved in motorsport. I look forward to seeing the artists work in the hospitality suite and to our future partnership”

“I’ll be bringing a range of artwork and artists to the events – they may even be painting live? It’s always interesting to meet the faces and personalities behind the creativity, as it is the racers behind the helmets.” said John.

“Having worked in tyre engineering with legends like Jo Winkelhock, Roberto Ravaglia, Peter Kox, Matt Neal, Marino Franchitti, Mike Jordan, Kelvin Burt, Terry Grant etc. I’ve always considered motorsport drivers as artists in cars”

“I worked with the major publishing houses in the UK when I first left motorsport in 2006 and couldn’t resist a foot in both camps.

“There are great synergies between the two industries which aren’t necessarily obvious at first glance”

Eunoia Fine Art “Beautiful Thinking” operates purely on recommendation/ referral with its VVIP Client base.

Access to Original and Limited Edition artwork ranging from “The Masters” to “The Published” and “The Undiscovered”.

BROKERAGE – Matching buyers requirements to Artwork

COMMISSIONS – Bespoke Corporate and Private Solutions.

EXHIBITIONS BRAND MANAGEMENT – Of a small number of “super talented” established artists and undiscovered talent.


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