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September 24, 2018

Trackspeed Mark Racing Departure With All-Out Sale

Trackspeed Mark Racing Departure With All-Out Sale

Since 2005, Trackspeed Racing has been a name synonymous with the British GT and FIA GT Series, but now that era in racing is set to come to an end. Team principal, David Ashburn has often threatened to retire from motorsport over the past few years, and it looks like he’s finally stuck by his decision. Up for sale is the complete team which includes: cars, workshop, showroom and car sales business

The Porsche based team has enjoyed much success in GT racing, with both driver and team titles under their belt. In 2006 Trackspeed took their first driver’s championship in the British GT, when Matt Allison and Jonny Lang took the GTC crown, along with the class team title. The following season they were filling more space in their trophy cabinet, claiming the FIA Championship Porsche Manufacturers Cup; an achievement they repeated the following year. Whilst continuing their British GT campaign, the team from Surrey made their first foray into the FIA GT Series, with entries in the GT2 and GT3 categories for 2008.

Whilst Trackspeed proved to be a highly competitive in everything they entered, 2010 marked the start of a rich vein of form that would see them dominate the British GT series team standings for four years. It was the year that owner Ashburn secured the UK’s leading domestic GT championship crown, and Trackspeed the overall team title. For the following three years they held onto the British GT team championship crown with an iron grip, until relinquishing it in 2014 when finishing a close second.

With success has come a roll call that has included the who’s who of GT racing, who have raced with the Trackspeed team over the years. Richard Westbrook, Stephen Jelley, Joe Osborne, Phil Keen, Danny Watts and Nick Tandy to name just a few that have spent their time in the seats of the distinctive 997.

So what next for Trackspeed and Ashburn? If a buyer is found, the team could rise like a phoenix from the flames and once again prove to be a formidable name in racing. And never write-off the chances of Ashburn making a racing cameo in the future, he’s known to be a man full of surprises.

If you’re tempted in becoming the new owner of Trackspeed, you can contact David Ashburn via our contact form.

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