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August 23, 2019

Aaron Scott: ‘To be Honest, the Ferraris Have Struggled This Year’

Aaron Scott: ‘To be Honest, the Ferraris Have Struggled This Year’

2014 has not been the easiest season for Aaron Scott. The Briton has shown flashes of great pace, but he and John Dhillon have not seen results go their way. That said, he’s stayed positive throughout – that hasn’t changed on the final weekend of the season.

“I think I’ve driven really well this year, and I’ve been really happy,” he explains. “We’ve had some really good team mates at AF Corse – which you always do – and I’ve fared really well against those guys. It’s just been really difficult to get a result, and to be honest the Ferraris have struggled this year. You can see in the balance of performance that they’re trying to help us, but the fundamental thing is that the car doesn’t work so well with the tyre – and we’re stuck with these tyres.”

It wasn’t always the case, but with the most recent update to the F458 GT3 and some changes in the tyre, the combination is not working so well, despite the attentions of the crack AF Corse squad.

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“For last year and this year it’s been difficult. This year it’s been highlighted further. Last year it was only myself and Rob Barff in Ferraris – pro wise – but this year there’ve been more drivers coming in, and they’ve all gone away with the same feeling.”

The problem appears to be in the car’s relationship with its rubber.

“There’s a lot of movement in the carcass of the tyre. We’re the only team that run a 19 inch rear tyre, and that’s probably the stand out reason we’re struggling compared to others.”

When asked if he believes the tighter nature of the British tracks doesn’t help, Scott disagrees.

“I think it’s more the case that the situation with the Avons is difficult,” he muses. “When they do Abu Dhabi they use Avon but it’s a different tyre, and that helps the situation. For some reason, these tyres don’t suit our car. I think it can change. I know that they’re talking, to try some new things with the tyre and everything. We need a bit of that! We’ve tried lots of things with the set up, but it’s just tough to move it into the window.”

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There’s one final chance to get a good result in 2014, and he and Dhillon are concentrating on that.

“To be fair, to get a result in this championship it’s all about how your partnership works. John did a mega job at Brands and we were really unlucky, and otherwise we’d have had a great result there. The Ferrari is a bit faster in race trim than in qualifying trim, we’re just focusing on this one. We’d like a good result to finish the season.”

Like everyone, he’s being cagey about the future.

“I’ve got nothing yet [for next year]. John just wants to focus on the last couple of races, try to perform well, and then we speak about next year. The big decision will be whether we do British GT again or not – there are other options.”

Whatever the situation, Aaron and John and the AF Corse team are a quality addition to a quality grid – and it would be a shame to see them go!

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