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October 20, 2019

Aaron Scott: Non Stop Action

Aaron Scott: Non Stop Action

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these, it’s been a busy season and I haven’t had much time, but here goes with a quick update.

Most of you will know I have been racing in the British GT Championship with AF Corse, sharing a car with John Dhillon. This is my 3rd season with John and I really enjoy working with him, we get on well away from the track and we work well together at the track. All the AM drivers in British GT drive well, some have more experience than others but there are a significant bunch that have been racing a long time.

In the last race in Zandvoort John had his best ever race and I took a lot of satisfaction in watching him hold his ground and make us some places against some experienced guys. For him to get the Blancpain driver of the weekend award was great for his confidence and well deserved.

For us the season has been getting better and better, at Brands Hatch the SRO changed the BofP for the 2013 Ferrari, it was a much needed change and it’s helped the car. AF Corse always turn out a good car and we have really come together as a team in the past few races. In Zandvoort we qualified 4th for race 2 and finished 5th so that has been our best result of the season. I hope we can be as strong or stronger in Donington for the last race of the season.

It’s been interesting watching the BofP this season in British GT and Blancpain, I think this year the difference between the cars in British GT has been bigger than in past seasons, just look at the qualifying times for Brands Hatch last year and compare them to this year’s Also the Porsche has won the majority of the races although the Championship is still wide open. It must be a difficult job for the SRO to go through the balance of performance each season with all the manufacturers upgrading the cars and then to have to balance the cars again taking into account the Avon tyres throws in another spanner in the works. It’s excellent news that for 2014 there is going to be some continuity, updating the cars every year is not in the interest of the sport.

Whilst the BofP has not been so good this year, Benjamin’s decision to stand firm with the Pro-Am driver pairings has been really good and that has made for some super races.

It looks like we will stay in British GT next season and I’m looking forward to being part of this excellent Championship again.

Away from British GT I have been racing successfully in the Dutch Supercar Challenge in a Viper with GT3 Racing and my long term team mate Craig Wilkins, Craig is another super guy and a good driver so we have had a good season with a couple of wins so far to our name and we are always on the pace. The Dutch Supercar is a fabulous championship, well organised and with a great variety of cars and we hope to do it again in 2014.

Finally, I have been racing in the Group C Championship as well. These cars are so much fun to drive, I feel very privileged to be part of it. At the Silverstone Classic I raced an ’86 Spice C2 car, the same car that won the C2 World Championship with Gordon Spice. I won the C2 class and finished 4th overall in what was a really nice weekend. The best thing about these cars is that they go up in value while you are racing them! There are not many race series where that happens!!



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