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February 25, 2020

Racer 2 Racer: Joe vs Richard

Racer 2 Racer: Joe vs Richard

In the fourth instalment of our series for Racing.GT we get British GT driver Joe Osborne to interview his BFF Richard Abra.

Joe: What’s your favourite thing about racing?
Richard: Winning!

Joe: Do you blame wearing a crash helmet on your thinning hair?
Richard: Yes, that and the fact I’m so fast the wind just blows it away.

Joe: How often do you tell people you won the Britcar 24 hour?
Richard: I tell a lot of people we won the Silverstone 24 hour! How did you get on in that race..?

Joe: What’s your best trait as a driver?
Richard: I like to think I get the most out of the car, I come from a technical background so can give good technical feedback, having a good understanding of whats going on.

Joe: Best chat up line used?
Richard: ‘You’re never going to believe how big my mate Joe Osborne’s nose is?’

Joe: What’s your favourite Apex ( if you’ve ever found one ) ?
Richard: Whats an apex?

Joe: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Richard: The dream is to have a works drive, and to race at Le Mans, but to be honest if I’m still racing in ten years i’ll be very happy!

Joe: Have you ever returned home after a night out without your watch? If so why? I love you know the answer to this.
Richard: Honestly? YES because I gave it to a girl I just met. I believe it went like this – ‘ Take my watch, that way you have to see me again’ Worked a treat though, now who’s laughing?!!

Joe: What’s your favourite meal at Nandos?
Richard: Olives to start ? Medium double chicken pita ? Peri Peri Chips and spicy rice!!

Joe: What’s the soundtrack to your life.
Richard: Ever since my mum took me to see ‘The Little Mermaid’ I’ve never been able to get ‘Under the Sea’ out of my head. So I’ve adopted it as my life theme tune. I also reminds me of the crush I had on the crab.*


You can follow Joe and Richard on twitter: @osbornejoe @Richard_Abra

If you want to hear more from Richard: HERE

If you want to hear ‘Under the Sea’ you can HERE

*Answer not necessarily from Richard

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