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November 22, 2019

Racer 2 Racer : Lee vs Joe

Racer 2 Racer : Lee vs Joe

In the third instalment of our series for Racing.GT we get British GT driver Lee Mowle to interview Joe Osborne.
Lee: Why do you go motor racing?
Joe: When I was younger it was for fun. Now it’s a job priorities have changed. Winning is the main one.

Lee: How did you start racing?
Joe: I skied from as soon as I could stand. Loved the speed, so my Dad made a massive mistake and put me in a go kart.

Lee: Does your fear of the dark make you drive quicker at night?
Joe: For sure. I hate the dark so much I want to get my stint over and done with so I can return to the bright garage.

Lee: Is it true you once considered a career as a male model?
Joe: Yes after getting scouted for modelling and signing my first contract. I was disappointed to find out it was just for hand modelling.

Lee: What is your most memorable race to date and why?
Joe: Winning the Dubai 24hr 2012. Memorable because it was so long, hard, hot and successful.

Lee: If you could change anything what would it be?
Joe: I’m sure people have a long list for me… Right now I’d change my pants.

Lee: Who is your biggest rival?
Joe: Job vacancy there for someone.

Lee: What’s your greatest achievement to date?
Joe: Becoming a full BRDC member was good as it brought a lot of my achievements together.

Lee: What’s your goal in the next 3yrs?
Joe: Keep my career moving in the right direction. Got a few races I want to do. Bathurst, Sebring and Le Mans.

Lee: When are you getting married?
Joe: I guess it has to be a leap year?


You can follow Lee and Joe on twitter: @leemowle @osbornejoe

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