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November 19, 2018

Zoe Wenham: Pit Stop Rocked at Rockingham

Zoe Wenham: Pit Stop Rocked at Rockingham

A sluggish start for me at Rockingham wasn’t how I planned to start the weekend, in free practice 1 we spent time making sure the freshly rebuilt engine was working perfectly and I was acclimatising to the circuits bumps with all the weight in the Ginetta this year.

In free practise 2, the car had a technical issue which was rectified but cut short our remaining time in the session. Qualifying was the important part of the day with one driver needing to set a quick lap time; it was Declan’s turn to attempt this as he was significantly quicker on day 1. We qualified on P2 which was a great effort and we knew the combined pace was better than the car starting on pole, we had also saved tyres which meant we had good rubber for the race.

Monday’s race took place just after lunch time and I was starting the race. Dropping to the back of the GT4 field wasn’t what I’d planned but as I got a few laps into the race, I overtook for 4th and started catching 3rd. Despite the tyre degradation, I was reeling 3rd place in and by the end of my stint there was not much time between us at all.

The pit stop was extremely impressive. The guys at Century had been practising hard on the 4 tyre change and Declan and I had a system we used which proved to work perfectly. We had 20 seconds of added time in the pits after winning race 2 at Oulton and if that hadn’t had been the case we would have come out in the lead. We had jumped 3rd place in the stops anyway and Declan was catching 1st place.

Unfortunately a safety car separated us from the Aston as the GT3 leaders had just passed Dec when it was deployed; the GT4 leader joined the rear of the train of cars. A push at the end of the race saw us take 2nd place and continue to lead the championship to Silverstone. I’m looking forward to racing back at Silverstone this year but hopefully we will be on the first step of the podium after the 3 hours.

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