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November 22, 2019

Racer 2 Racer – Zoe vs Ryan

Racer 2 Racer – Zoe vs Ryan

In the first of a new series for Racing.GT we get British GT drivers to interview each other.?Driver A asks questions to Driver B, then Driver B asks questions to Driver C and we go in a loop until Driver Z interviews Driver A.?First off, we have a Welsh special with Zoe Wenham asking the questions to Ryan Ratcliffe:

Zoe: Who has been your ultimate driver rival throughout your racing?
Ryan: Mike Robinson

Zoe: Do you have any lucky or unlucky items or routines?
Ryan: Unlucky? Don’t go commando when racing, last time I did this I crashed and had to be seen by the medical centre staff. Not fun!

Zoe: In your junior car racing days, what was your most embarrassing moment?
Ryan: Either hitting the wall at thruxton leaving the pits or Rolling the lovely Zoe Wenham at Anglesey

Zoe: If you had to pick one Welsh racing driver, past or present to race with, who would it be?
Ryan: Butty Bach Jakob Rattenbury

Zoe: Is it true that you can’t count to 10?
Ryan: I am offended you even asked this! I can and my secret talent! I can count to 10 in Japanese 😉

Zoe: Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years time?
Ryan: Porsche SuperCup

Zoe: What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
Ryan: Pepperoni Pizza

Zoe: You are stranded on a desert island for a month; which one racing driver from BGT (not from Optimum) and one item would you take with you?
Ryan: James May, don’t know him that well but seems like a guy you can get along with and I would take a packet of fruit pastels to see how long I could last without eating the packet!

Zoe: Would you like to share how you managed to lose your road license?
Ryan: Umm being very naughty speeding, TWICE !

Zoe: Please spell the longest Welsh word (do not cheat!):
Ryan: Llanfairllanllanllanllan something something something ogogogoch ? BOOM my girlfriend can say it that’s harder than spelling it!

143 Mowle / Osborne / Ratcliffe / Haigh Optimum Motorsport Ginetta G50 GT4

You can follow Zoe and Ryan on twitter: @ZoeWenham @RyanRatcliffe33

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