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November 18, 2018

Abra: “The Action For Me Starts at Rockingham”

Abra: “The Action For Me Starts at Rockingham”

So this weekend didn’t go exactly to plan. After all the preparation and hard work, my team-mate was unexpectedly called away at the last minute for work which he just could not get out of. I was gutted to say the least but we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all of Mark’s hard work and commitment so it’s just one of those things.

The team did a great job turning the car around for the weekend, it looked great in the new garage, but sadly it was soon packed away and is now being prepped for testing at Rockingham next week where we hope to have better luck.

I managed to drag myself up to Oulton to watch to race on Monday. It was good to look around, see some friends and get an idea of how the weekend runs. It’s been along time since I’ve been able to go to a circuit and watch. It was great to see the Barwell boys grab a 3rd in the 2nd race with Bryant and Attard in the Z4.

I was, however, very surprised to see the amount of damage on track. Being the first race there, I think there were a lot of ‘keen’ drivers pushing a little too hard, something I hope is settled before Rockingham. I felt bad for the Beechdean Aston team who suffered two DNF’s through no fault of their own.

Looking forward I hope to stay out of all that! We will take the same approach to Rockingham as we did to Oulton and look to get through the weekend with a solid finish and without accidents or mistakes. Then look to push harder at Silverstone, a circuit Mark and I know very well.

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