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November 19, 2018

Joe Osborne – Introduction

Joe Osborne – Introduction

So far for 2013 I have got a deal to race in British GT with Lee Mowle in the 888Optimum BMW Z4 GT3. This is something I’m looking forward to, as on paper it has all the perfect ingredients to create a beautiful cake.

The BMW Z4 GT3 has proven to be one of the strongest GT3 cars out there, so I am glad to have that at the base of the deal. Then having a team combining Triple 8 and Optimum Motorsport will certainly be sweet as a jam filling

Finally having a Gentleman driver like Lee is really the icing on the cake. He is fast, quick learner and fit so hopefully as the Pro I can get him up to speed with the other Gents who have more experience at GT3 level.

I still want to get a deal to race in the Blancpain Endurance Series but it is a hard market place out there at the moment for up and coming Pro drivers. I am looking at other series and hopefully you might see me pop up in a few high profile events over the season.

Check out my website for news updates joeosborne.com or follow me on twitter @osbornejoe

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